Welcome to ICELDA

A little on our history and partners

The Inter-institutional Centre for Language Development and Assessment (ICELDA) is the outcome of a collaboration, since 2004, of four multilingual South African universities: Pretoria, Stellenbosch, North-West and Free State.

Since its inception, additional collaborative agreements were realised, bringing on board more local and international partners such as SADiLaR (www.sadilar.org), CTexT (http://humanities.nwu.ac.za/ctext), NExLA (https://nexla.org.za/), University of Antwerp (www.uantwerpen.be), InterCulturate (https://interculturate.org), Radboud University Nijmegen (www.ru.nl) and KU Leuven (www.kuleuven.be).

These collaborative efforts serve as stimulus and evidence for the universal applicability of our products. Our tests, courses and other resources have been used successfully across the globe, with notable examples in Europe, Africa, the East, and Australia.