Groundbreaking study by Avasha Rambiritch

Avasha RambiritchOne of ICELDA’s associates, currently teaching in the Unit for Academic Literacy of the University of Pretoria, recently received the D. Phil. degree from the University of the Free State. Avasha Rambiritch was awarded the doctorate for a thesis on Accessibility, transparency and accountability as regulative conditions for a postgraduate test of academic literacy, a study of how ICELDA’s postgraduate tests, TALPS, fares when measured according to these principles. The study has been described by her examiners as a groundbreaking study of language testing in South Africa. As the title indicates, the investigation uncovers some highly topical social and political dimensions of testing academic literacy. One external examiner remarked that the thesis constitutes “a carefully structured and tightly knit study”, another that it provides a “rigorous survey of the essential concepts to build up a highly plausible argument for the importance of social dimensions in test design.” Her supervisor was Albert Weideman, ICELDA’s CEO.



Originally posted on 19 June 2012.