Prospective UFS students from African countries write TALPS-online

The online version of ICELDA’s postgraduate test of academic literacy, TALPS, is currently being administered to a large number of prospective applicants for postgraduate study at the University of the Free State (UFS). While many have written or will write the paper and pencil version of the test at any one of half a dozen venues all over South Africa, the online version of TALPS is intended for students from as far afield as Zimbabwe, Malawi and the DRC. Colleen du Plessis, TALPS administrator, has already discussed with Celeste Uys, of ICT services, UFS, different ways of eliminating some of the difficulties that applicants faced this year. “We can’t do much about lack of bandwidth, or other inadequacies of facilities or outdated hardware,” she says, “but we have learned much from the challenges we faced in 2011; 2012 should see a much smoother administration”. TALPS will potentially be available online to at least twice the number of 2011 students.



Originally posted on 12 November 2011.