Surprisingly high reliability level for test of academic literacy

reliability of TALL testIf ever there had been any doubt that ICELDA’s Test of Academic Literacy Levels (TALL) is South Africa’s premier test of academic literacy for undergraduate students, those doubts would now be laid to rest by the results of its latest administration. Achieving a score of 0.944 on a very conservative measure of reliability (alpha), the administration of TALL to more than 5000 students at the University of Pretoria in late January 2012 has surprised even seasoned language test designers. “TALL has consistently, across many administrations, averaged at reliability levels of above 0.92,” says ICELDA CEO Albert Weideman, “but it is now edging even higher.” He adds that the best explanation for this remarkable achievement is “the care we put into its design and refinement – it shows.”


Originally posted on 17 February 2012.