Test of Academic Literacy Levels (TALL) piloted on students in Vietnam

Phuong Loan Le, a research associate of the Department of English of the University of the Free State, recently completed her master’s dissertation on Assessing academic literacy of first year Vietnamese university students: How appropriate is the TALL? The study emanates from a concern of the College of Foreign Languages (CFL) of the University of Danang about the academic literacy levels of its students. Ms Le’s study investigates the appropriateness of ICELDA’s Test of Academic Literacy Levels (TALL) in measuring the academic literacy of Vietnamese first-year undergraduates whose major is English. The tests were piloted on 197 students under standardized testing conditions. Her study not only indicates that TALL can be adapted to suit conditions elsewhere, but also recommends how it can be done.



Originally posted on 29 December 2011.