Dealing with disparities in the SA Grade 12 language assessment dispensation

classroomOn 6 May Colleen du Plessis will address the Language Policy Forum at Tel Aviv University. The forum brings together academics and language policy experts from the region on a monthly basis to share insights on various issues of a sociolinguistic nature. Colleen will talk on the topic of  “Dealing with disparities in the South African Grade 12 language assessment dispensation”.

The topic forms part of her PhD study to develop a theoretical rationale for the attainment of greater equivalence of standard in the respective Home Language examinations in South Africa. This study will be the anchor for the Home Languages project, which, according to Albert Weideman, ICELDA’s CEO, is one of the most significant projects undertaken to date by ICELDA. A preliminary report, of which Colleen’s early analyses formed the bulk, and was co-authored by Albert Weideman and Sanet Steyn, was presented to the Umalusi Research Forum on 13 March this year.

Originally posted 28 April 2013.