Innovation, reciprocity in applied linguistics theme of conference keynote

albert weideman 2What are innovation and reciprocity in applied linguistics? These two somewhat abstract ideas will be the focus of a keynote at the upcoming joint annual conference of SAALT/SAALA/LSSA, to be delivered by ICELDA CEO Albert Weideman. The keynote will bring together insights from the history of language teaching with examples of improvements in language testing. It will touch both on resistance to innovation in language teaching, and thoughtful and deliberate imitation in language testing. “My thoughts on this were first stimulated by an invitation to discuss ‘alternative’ principles for the design of language interventions at a recent seminar in Singapore,” he says, “but they soon turned to what impedes progress, or makes incremental advances possible.” His will be the first keynote at the conference, to be held in Stellenbosch between 1 and 4 July.

Originally posted on 24 June 2013.