Marilize Pretorius to work on ‘Nurses on the move’

ICELDA welcomes to the ranks of its growing number of researchers and collaborators Marilize Pretorius, who has been appointed an intern with us under an NRF funded initiative. Her mentor, ICELDA’s CEO, Albert Weideman, says: “Marilize joins us as a mature student, with an outstanding academic record. It is a privilege now to have her as an intern, and we have high expectations of her now that she has set her sights on working in the field of applied linguistics as a course and test designer.”

The work that she will be doing on the Nurses on the move project is of great import: she will design an intervention to develop the language ability of low- to mid-level professionals in the medical world, and possibly help to finalize an assessment instrument to test that capacity after the instruction. This forms part of a larger project, led by ICELDA’s director: operations, Prof. Tobie van Dyk of North-West University in collaboration with Prof. Kris Van de Poel of the University of Antwerp.

Originally posted on 29 March 2013.