Research kingpin in Umalusi Home Languages project speaks

Colleen du PlessisColleen du Plessis, ICELDA project associate, delivered a paper at the recent annual joint SAALT/SAALA/LSSA conference in Stellenbosch on “Issues of validity in the Grade 12 Home Language Examination papers (2008-2011)”. Colleen’s work on this is the anchor study in the investigation ICELDA is undertaking for Umalusi (South Africa’s Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education) on problematic aspects of the exit examinations in Home Languages in Grade 12. Her preliminary analyses of the three papers over the four years indicate that the concerns over fairness and the alignment of the papers with the curriculum are well founded. When the new Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) kicks in next year, the situation is unlikely to change. Now in its second phase, the project will advise on possible alternatives to the current set of assessments that might lead to fairer results across the various home languages.


Originally posted on 11 July 2011.