Sanet Steyn develops an academic word list for Afrikaans

sanet steyn 2‘n Akademiese woordelys vir Afrikaans is goed ontvang tydens die SAALT/SAALA/LSSA kongres in Stellenbosch. Meer hieronder …

The development of an academic word list (AWL) for Afrikaans was enthusiastically received at the joint SAALT/SAALA/LSSA conference in Stellenbosch in early July. Developed by ICELDA project associate Sanet Steyn from a corpus of more than 21 million words, the word list will meet a need both for language testing and teaching. It utilises the methods employed for the Woordenlijst Academisch Nederlands, and those developed by Coxhead for the well-known AWL for English. Not only did some of the seasoned practitioners in the audience find her presentation impressive, but Sanet has now also been approached by LitNet for the possible placement of the Afrikaans AWL on their website, and its further maintenance and development there. Sanet is also involved in ICELDA’s Home Languages project. She will be particularly responsible for refining the Test of Advanced Language Ability (TALA) and its Afrikaans equivalent, the Toets van Gevorderde Taalvaardigheid (TOGTAV).




First published 11 July 2013.