ICELDA says goodbye to founding principal board member Johann van der Walt

Johann van der WaltAt its board meeting last week, ICELDA said goodbye to one of its founding principal board members, Prof. Johann van der Walt, who recently retired from his position as director of the Centre for Academic and Professional Language Practice at the NWU. Prof. Van der Walt was given a small token of appreciation for his services since our inception by Albert Weideman, CEO, who not only thanked Prof. Van der Walt for his valued past contributions to our work, but remarked that we would appreciate his ongoing future involvement with ICELDA. While we have said a provisional goodbye, we therefore hope that we shall be able to utilise his able judgement and research expertise again at some future date. Prof. Van der Walt is currently standing in as acting director of the NWU Potchefstroom campus School for Languages, and will review his options in the new year. We wish him well.

Originally posted on 28 October 2013.