Umalusi Home Languages project will be boosted by scholarship

sanet steyn 2A prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship has enabled Sanet Steyn, former NRF intern and currently ICELDA project associate, to enrol on the MA in Applied Linguistics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.  In ICELDA, Sanet is responsible for an investigation that will lie at the heart of an eventual solution that ICELDA will propose to Umalusi on the Home Languages project. The first part of her research on this project involves refining the envisaged Test of Advanced Language Ability (TALA), designed in November 2012 by a team of which she was a member. The second study will investigate how that test could be made equivalent to an Afrikaans version. “Sanet is ideally suited for this, and the Groningen MA will further develop her insights into how we should tackle the problem,” says Albert Weideman, ICELDA’s CEO, adding: “ICELDA has high expectations of her. We wish her the very best in her studies.”

Originally posted on 23 September 2013.