ICELDA CEO writes scene-setter for Journal for Language Teaching

Journal for Language TeachingIn the most recent issue (47, 2) of the accredited Journal for Language Teaching, scholarly publication of the South African Association of Language Teaching, Prof. Susan Coetzee-van Rooy, the editor, brings together a number of insights that review academic literacy interventions as they currently unfold at universities in South Africa. The contribution of Albert Weideman, ICELDA CEO, is the first and scene-setting article, to which the other contributors were asked to respond.

In her editorial note Prof. Coetzee-Van Rooy thanks him for initiating this stimulating debate by being willing to open the discussion with his contribution. The article is entitled “Academic literacy interventions: What are we not yet doing, or not yet doing right?” It emphasizes the change in our perspective on the kind of language that should be taught in academic literacy development courses, and challenges both course and test designers in this subfield to learn from one another about responsibly designing their interventions. The article is available online at

Originally posted on 25 February 2014.