Language experts give advice on Umalusi Home Languages project

On 31 October a panel of language experts from various language communities met in Cape Town under the chairmanship of Dr Jeanne Gamble, the chair of Umalusi’s Research Forum. The meeting examined the design of the Home Languages project that ICELDA is undertaking on behalf of this council. ICELDA’s brief is to suggest solutions to the equalisation of the Grade 12 exit examinations in the 11 home languages, after a series of reports had indicated severe difficulties in achieving a fair set of measurements. Albert Weideman, project leader, set out both the proposed construct, based on CAPS, for language examinations of the future, and explained how equivalent assessments might be designed and developed. “The issues addressed by this panel have substance and point us in a useful direction,” he comments. Apart from giving their resounding support to the project, the panel members also suggested various ways of engaging with other stakeholders, such as the Department of Basic Education and the examiners of the various papers in the home languages.

panel of language experts

Four of the participants pictured here, from left to right, are:

Biki Lepota (Umalusi), Prof. Albert Weideman (ICELDA), Dr Vis Moodley (Wits) and Dr Elias Malete (UFS).






Originally posted on 3 November 2013.