An academic literacy test for 9-10 year olds

nine year oldICELDA has successfully piloted its new Test of Early Academic Literacy (TEAL), designed by ICELDA project associate Sanet Steyn. As part of her studies for the MA in Applied Linguistics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, TEAL’s first version was tested out by her in the Netherlands and in Bloemfontein with the help of Jo-Mari Myburgh (intern) and CEO Albert Weideman. It assesses whether grade 5 primary school pupils have the necessary control of language to meet the demands of learning through the medium of English. “It is seldom that, when first tested, a pilot design gives a reliability level above 0.9,” observes Weideman, “and it is all the more remarkable that this was achieved with a relatively small sample.” It is clear, he says, that ICELDA has some highly talented new test designers in its fold, which augurs well for the future. The test will now be refined for further use.

Originally posted 14 June 2014.