Two new faces in the ICELDA office at the UFS

Odendaal Johan We are taking leave of Gini Keyser, current ICELDA office administrator at the UFS. In her place come two new faces: Johan Odendaal and Tilani du Preez. Tilani is a qualified psychometrist, currently completing her dissertation for the MA degree in Industrial Psychology at Stellenbosch University. Johan is currently enrolled for a second honours degree (the first was in Drama and Theatre Arts) at the UFS, in Language Practice.

Their academic and professional records show that they are well qualified for their current duties, and we look forward keenly to the contribution that they will make to ICELDA’s work. We wish to extend to them a warm welcome to ICELDA, and at the same time to thank Gini Keyser for her special and ever-diligent efforts. We wish all well, too, in the successful completion of their studies.

Tilani du preez
Originally posted 30 January 2016.