A wider perspective on academic literacy

tobie_redTobie van Dyk’s inaugural lecture on the role of academic literacy interventions takes a much wider perspective on this than has been done before. Entitled “Academic acculturation and holistic, value-driven transformation: the role of academic literacy”, it held up a broader view of the many components of this complex of challenges and design solutions than has hitherto been the case. That is the opinion of several experts on academic literacy who attended the lecture and celebrated the occasion on the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University last week. Referring to an image of a trapeze artist who has to let go of one swing to grip another that the lecture employed as metaphor, Potchefstroom campus rector Fika van Rensburg commended the work done by Prof. van Dyk and his staff at the Centre for Academic and Professional Language Practice. Tobie van Dyk is currently ICELDA’s Director: Operations.


 Originally posted on 12 September 2016.