Gini Keyser welcomed as ICELDA intern and administrator

gini keyserGini Keyser, newly appointed ICELDA intern, will have several key responsibilities. She will take care of the test and office administration for ICELDA’s operation at the UFS, and will at the same time complete a master’s degree in language testing. Her dissertation will deal with the theoretical justification of a new Test of Academic Literacy for Postgraduate Students (TALPS) in Afrikaans. That means that she will have to design the test, following the recommendation of Colleen du Plessis that there is a need for such an instrument in Afrikaans. ICELDA is committed to serving our institutional partners by promoting the use of tests and courses in as great a variety of languages as we can. In order to achieve this goal, an expert team will be tasked to assist her. Her supervisor for the dissertation is ICELDA CEO Albert Weideman. We wish her a productive and happy time in this position.



Originally posted on 16 August 2015.