ICELDA CEO Albert Weideman steps down

weideman steps downAlbert Weideman has stepped down as ICELDA’s chief executive in order to pave the way for a thorough rethink of the future vision and direction of the partnership. In his annual report to the Board, he stressed that ICELDA was entering a new phase, in which it needed to address the twin challenges of participation by the partnering institutions, and the commercialisation of some of its activities. Though he would still be available as sounding board, he believes that fresh leadership was needed. “We have been highly productive in our short history, bringing in more than R8 million in subsidy for the various partners, funds that would not have become available were it not for our efforts,” he said, adding: “but we now need a serious discussion of where we head next. I shall certainly contribute to that, if asked, but it should ideally be done under new leadership. It is the right time to pass the baton.”

Professor Annette Combrink, Chairperson of the Board, has expressed regret at Weideman’s decision to step down, saying that he will be sorely missed.”During his tenure as the founding spirit and the CEO of ICELDA Albert Weideman made an indelible impression, and created the platform for engaging in and promoting academic literacy activities in the country. His vigour and enthusiasm linked to a constant stream of ideas made ICELDA the success that it has been up to now. His stepping down at this stage in his career is a pity, and he will be sorely missed, but his expertise will not be lost. Our very real gratitude to him is hereby expressed.”


Originally posted 17 October 2015.