Mangosuthu University of Technology students write ICELDA test

Mangosuthu UniversityMangosuthu University of Technology has commissioned ICELDA to administer the Test of Academic Literacy Levels (TALL) to students on two extended programmes at MUT. TALL was selected by them for its reputation of being the most widely analysed, affordable and reliable test of the ability to handle academic language in higher education settings. The test was administered by an ICELDA team in collaboration with MUT colleagues to a cohort of several hundred students on 22 September. “The care and deliberation with which our tests are designed and subsequently refined contribute toward their sterling reputation of yielding useful information on students’ academic literacy levels,” remarks Albert Weideman, ICELDA CEO, adding: “Their undoubted reliability and availability are beginning to be ever more widely recognised.” The interpretation of the test results will be used to determine the level of support students still need to develop their ability to handle academic discourse.


Originally posted 25 September 2014.