Marilize Pretorius to take up studies at University of Antwerp

Preotrius_graduationAfter winning the prestigious EUROSA scholarship, Marilize Pretorius has now taken up studies at the University of Antwerp under the supervision of Prof. Kris Van de Poel. Her PhD thesis will take up where her MA dissertation on communication in the nursing profession ended, focussing on how to make Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) relevant for communication in that area. The question here will be: how, in professional communicative interactions, can one avoid cultural and other potential mismatches and misalignment? And, if CAT is employed, is a more relevant theory of language competence possible? Marilize is also an ICELDA project associate and research fellow at the University of the Free State. We wish her the very best in her future study, which is yet another illustration of the expanding international reach of ICELDA’s expertise.

Originally posted on 1 October 2015.