Purple Pepper workshop introduces workbook of academic literacy tests

Welcome“Since we were unable before to assist in this regard, we are really heartened by the availability of the new workbooks of academic literacy tests that will help Grade 12 learners to prepare for the Academic and Quantitative Literacy test of the National Benchmark Tests (NBT)”, says Duard le Roux of Purple Pepper Maths. Purple Pepper Maths prepares learners for the mathematics test of the NBT, and held its June workshop at St Michael’s School in Bloemfontein school this past weekend.

The learners participating in the event each received not only instruction and material for the maths part of the NBT, but also a copy of the new book of academic literacy tests, Academic literacy: Test your competence, and its Afrikaans equivalent.

Being familiar with the format of any test gives one a distinct advantage, says Albert Weideman, ICELDA CEO, and learners who attend workshops and write mock exams are doing themselves a huge favour.


Originally posted 13 June 2015.