Language development


Online writing support

SADiLaR-KU Leuven: This project is aimed at affording students the opportunity to get online support with academic writing, especially in Afrikaans since there are many other English online tools. Three South African partners, as well as one international partner, are involved. The main purpose of the project is to design, implement and refine an online writing tool and repository of texts (corpus) and other resources in both Afrikaans and English, with the aim to extend this to the African languages as well.

To access this online tool, Skryfhulp Afrikaans, please follow the link:

Username: skryfhulp
Password: Afrikaans

Word lists and glossaries

UP-CText-NWU-Department of Arts and Culture: Multilingual word lists and glossaries exist for hundreds of subject disciplines. The most recent is a multilingual academic word list. To access this and other resources, please visit the SADiLaR Repository:

UP-UCT (Department of Higher Education): Multilingual glossaries for 16 subject-fields plus an Academic Word List. Available at